Tanking & Cellar Waterproofing

Cellar Tanking to reduce moisture and damp in your home

If certain rooms in your home suffer from moisture and damp chances are your nostrils recoil in disgust or despair. Damp is neither attractive to look at or healthy to breathe in, having been linked to asthma and immune defects. If left untreated, the damp situation of a property will only get worse and make for a bleak home. At Brays Remedial Services we can provide you with understanding support, reinforced by a wealth of experience in the area, and proficient solutions to combat your damp problem.

One such solution to dealing with damp is ‘Tanking’. This process entails putting a waterproof coating onto walls prior to plastering¬†to form a watertight membrane against water, effectively holding water back from seeping in from the ground and therefore eliminating and preventing rising damp.

Cavity Drainage Membranes

basement tanking cavity drainage membraneCavity Drain Membranes operate by letting moisture continue to penetrate damp basement structures but manage it in the air gap and re-direct it to an appropriate drainage point or, if necessary a pump. The air gap behind the membrane allows the damp part of a property to ‘air out’ and dry, whilst the cavity membrane itself does not permit pressure to accumulate against the internal structure. The membranes serve as a valuable shield against dampness for the internal space of the building as they are impermeable to water vapour, gas and water in its conventional liquid form.

Cavity Drainage Membranes are laid loosely on floors but secured to underground walls by employing sealing materials and particular plugs.  Our team of adept operatives can conveniently fit cavity membranes with very little or no preparation to the underlying layer and once installed, wall surfaces can be directly plastered or dry-lined. Floors can be levelled or appropriate dry board system inserted once the cavity drainage membranes have been fitted. This waterproofing tactic means decoration and floor finishes can be completed almost instantly, without allowing for lengthy drying out periods. In short, the process is efficient and practical if carried out by qualified professionals, like our team.

Sump and Pump Systems

Sometimes, a pump is required to divert the moisture in the air gap of a damp structure to.  Alternatively, a sump system can be used to collect water in a basement floor. The sump system gathers water that is entering the structure at weak points within the property and then discharges the collected moisture via a drainage system. Sump and Pump systems provide effective mechanical drainage remedies to all structures located below ground level, where a cavity drainage system and membranes have been installed. Our experienced staff will be happy to advise you on what solution is best for your property.

Guarantees and Maintenance

If you choose to invest in one of our tanking treatments you certainly won’t regret it. Our solutions are fully guaranteed and serve as brilliant way of maintaining below- ground structures, allowing you to take full advantage of your cellar or basement via tanking- expanding your living space and increasing the value of your property using this cost-effective and convenient solution.

Basement Conversionsbasement conversion

Once your basement has been waterproofed, you may consider converting it into a practical space such as a children’s play-room, an office space, or (more excitingly!) a home cinema room. Bray Building Services will work with you to design and build your ideal basement room that will stay dry and warm.

For expert advice from Bray Building Services:

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