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We offer an impartial service for the inspection of problematic tenanted properties

landlords & letting agents damp & timber report

Here at Bray Remedial Services we understand the demands on landlords and agents to keep their tenants happy and maintain their investment property to ensure a sustained income.

Whilst some damp problems can be solved relatively simply and cheaply, other damp problems can be costly in the first instance, however, solving the problem will reduce the repeated cosmetic work to maintain the property in the future and you can be assured that Bray Remedial Services will only specify the most appropriate treatment using the most suitable materials.


Condensation problems for landlordsRepeated complaints of damp and continual re-decoration of problem areas can become a hassle and costly for landlords. At Bray Remedial Services we understand the importance of maintaining good relations between property managers and their tenants, and quite often this can become a sensitive subject to address. That is why we offer an impartial service for the inspection of problematic tenanted properties.
On receiving your instructions we will liaise directly with the tenant and arrange an appropriate appointment date and time to visit the property.
We will send a member of our team to the property who is a Property Care Association qualified surveyor and who will be the professional representative acting on behalf of the agent or landlord.

Following our inspection the landlord will receive a report from Bray Remedial Services identifying the problems, accompanied by an estimate and recommendations for the proposed remedial works.


Whilst our surveyor will carry out a thorough appraisal of the property he will also make observations and ask the tenant regarding the number of occupants; their lifestyle habits for cooking, washing & drying clothes, bathing etc to enable us to offer advice and provide guidance for common problems such as managing condensation related dampness.

For expert advice from Bray Building Services:

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