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Floor Restoration

We walk on it every day, arrange our furniture on it, live on it. There’s no escaping it our floors are incredibly important for the overall look, functionality and safety of our properties and we should not take them for granted. That’s why here at Brays Remedial Services we regard your floor with as much respect as we regard you, our customers offering a fully comprehensive and managed floor restoration service.

Our thorough multifaceted floor restoration service includes stripping out flooring completely taking away old wax, soil and getting rid of any other debris found on the floor. We always ensure we identify your floor type, as the chemicals and equipment used for each category of flooring will understandably vary. We also pride ourselves on only using clean, safe and appropriate tools for stripping and working efficiently on each section of flooring at a time, utilising diluted stripper to avoid any damage occurring to the ground if your property.

To restore your floor to premium quality we employ only the latest most reliable equipment, to provide top notch floor sanding and professional floor machine polishing services. For timber flooring we supply high standard grinding and varnishing services to get your floor looking its optimum best. The equipment we utilise features cutting-edge dust attraction assets to help eliminate dust from your home or property.

To maintain safety by reducing the risks of slipping on a floor within your property it is important to employ a professional to carry out various tests on your flooring to determine its safety level. Several friction tests exist to establish the risk of slipping on floors, with the Pendulum Test being endorsed by The Health and Safety Executive (HSE).  Using only floor testing equipment and processes approved by the UK HSE, The Pendulum Test is the only examination recognised in a court of law in the event of a slip injury claim. This is due to its ability to provide consistent and accurate results that can be repeated. It is also important to have professionals, like our team, carry out testing on the roughness on the surface of a floor as a floor needs to have sufficient micro roughness to make solid contact with a person’s heel as they walk over the floor.

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