Damp & Timber Surveys

Moving can be an exciting time, full of optimism and hope for the future, a fresh start and new setting, especially if you are a first time buyer.

homebuyers building surveyor

It is important that you commission a Home Buyer’s Survey from a suitably qualified building surveying company to identify any potentially costly defects. Mortgage lenders will also carry out their own report and apply retentions for defects found. In many cases where suspect damp associated problems are identified both surveyors and mortgage lenders will recommend a survey and estimate be provided by a PCA (Property Care Association) accredited contractor such as Bray Remedial Services to provide a more in depth report and accurate repair costs to be utilized in the purchase or sale of a property and negotiations regarding price!

Combined Damp and Timber Surveys

These on-site surveys are designed to be carried out before pre-purchase to give you peace of mind when buying or selling a new property. These detailed reports comprise of inspecting all accessible walls and solid floor areas and all accessible timbers, including roof and floor timbers, via roof and floor hatches. This entails the visual inspection and accurate testing with an electrical conductivity meter and probe testing for condensation. These helpful and insightful surveys can be done when you are buying or selling a property, if you suspect a problem with both damp and timber infestation, or just for peace of mind.

Damp Surveysbuyer report

As the name implies, a damp building surveyor inspects a property for damp. However, this type of report will not include the inspection of roof timbers or first floor timbers and only a brief inspection to ground floor timbers if they are in contact with damp areas. If we believe that a timber survey is required we will contact you to let you know.

Timber Surveys

For wood floors and/or timber roof structures, these expert surveys will entail inspecting all of the accessible timbers but does not include any testing to walls. A timber survey should be carried out if it is believed that beetle infestation or rot is present.

Cavity Wall Tie Inspection

We can carry out cavity wall tie inspections to detect cavity wall tie failure or structural movement within your potential or existing property’s walls. Faults of these kinds are sometimes indicated on a Home Buyer’s Survey. The location of the ties is identified using detection apparatus; employing camera assisted endoscopes. Our building surveyor will inspect areas required and compile a report on the type and condition of ties and inform you of whether there is any apparent corrosion/failure.

Reassurance and Advice Consultation

Our building surveyors are knowledgeable and friendly, we are always more than happy to give you advice regarding any building enquiry. This can be useful when a report is not required but reassurance is!

For expert advice from Bray Building Services:

Call us on 01484 911 191, email info@braybuildingservices.co.uk or fill in the form below for a call-back.

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