8 Fun Basement & Cellar Conversion Ideas

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It’s cold, wet and dark but Christmas is coming! We bet you’ve never thought of celebrating the festive season in your basement or cellar? But now that you’ve started to daydream about what to put on your Christmas wish list, we’ve put together a quick list of some of the amazing things your cellar/basement could be converted into- once it’s been made waterproofed of course!


#1 An extra living room- The one thing on most family’s wish list when it comes to their home is more space. Voila! A converted basement could provide the perfect opportunity to incorporate a warm and cosy second living room for you to unwind in- whether that means a place for you to put your feet up and escape with a good book or space for the kids to relax while you and your other half enjoy some peace and quiet upstairs in the main lounge!


#2 A spare bedroom- Are you a people person, and your family a sociable one, always happy to host visitors and guests? Then turning your cellar conversion into an inviting fully-furnished spare room could be your answer to friends asking ‘should we have that one more drink and crash here or call it quits on this party early and get back to ours?’


#3 An office or study- No one wants to bring work home but sometimes it’s necessary, especially if you run your own small business. Your basement has the potential to be transformed into a practical office for you to lock yourself away in, concentrate and be productive!


#4 A playroom- If you have a large family with young children, changing your basement or cellar into a fun and lively playroom could be a godsend. Your little ones could play until their hearts are content, making noise and scattering their toys everywhere, while you and your older children unwind in a less chaotic environment upstairs.


games room. cellar conversion, waterproofing, damp proofing

Darts and pool anyone?


#5 A games-room- Like point #4 but reversed. While you keep younger children occupied upstairs, teenagers could hang out with friends in a basement-turned games-room! Darts, pool and table football anyone?


#6 A home cinema- Are you and your family film buffs? Be the envy of friends and extended family by kitting your converted cellar or basement out into a luxury home cinema. All you’d need is comfy-reclining chairs, a nice big screen and surround sound- and then it’s just a case of lights, camera, action!


#7 A stylish bar- Again if socialising is your thing, why not add a glamorous touch to your home and install an elegant and effortlessly cool bar into your once unused cellar or basement? Perfect for hosting parties and events in!


8# Savvy storage- Is there a member of your family that has far too many clothes and shoes? Perhaps you enjoy trying new things but have lots of possessions from fads gone by you’re not ready to part with yet? A cellar conversion could serve as the ideal place to safely store items you don’t use often, freeing up space in the main area of your home.


Of course your cellar would need waterproofing before it could be converted to have any of the practical and entertaining functions listed above. That’s where Bray Remedial Services come in, with specialist knowledge and experience in tanking, and installing cavity drainage membranes, sump pump systems and other effective waterproofing techniques to avoid damp and condensation building up in your home.


Contact Bray Remedial Services today and the basement and cellar conversion world will be your oyster! 


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