5 Winter Roof Issues Homeowners Face

Winter can be especially harsh on a house’s roof, and it’s almost never a good idea to simply wait for spring before addressing the issues that the presence of snow and ice on your roof can cause. Five of the main winter roof damage problems that homeowners should be aware of are listed below, along

Dec 15, 2016 Danny Bray

8 Fun Basement & Cellar Conversion Ideas

It’s cold, wet and dark but Christmas is coming! We bet you’ve never thought of celebrating the festive season in your basement or cellar? But now that you’ve started to daydream about what to put on your Christmas wish list, we’ve put together a quick list of some of the amazing things your cellar/basement could

Nov 23, 2016 Danny Bray

Spot that Rot! 5 Signs of Wet Rot In Your Home

Image credit: ConstructionChat.    With approximately 70% of the average house’s fabric being timber, we thought we’d share with you the top 5 things you should look out for to check if your home is developing unpleasant wet rot. Wet rot is the slightly less ugly sister of dry rot. It’s the most common fungal

Oct 17, 2016 Danny Bray

Getting to Grips with Homebuyer Surveys

  Taking the plunge buying a house is probably the most expensive- and exciting!- purchase a person will make in their lifetime. When you purchase a house there are certain surveys you should pay to have carried out. Mortgage lenders issue a Mortgage Valuation Survey on your prospective property to check it is worth the

Sep 30, 2016 Danny Bray

EnviroVent: A Breath of Fresh Air for Your Home

Do you need to vent about the amount of condensation that menacingly gathers on your windows or do you find yourself ranting about the eye-sore black mould and unattractive damp that plagues your home’s walls? We don’t blame you! Your home is your sanctuary, and should be a comfortable, cosy haven you retire to and

Aug 04, 2016 Danny Bray

5 Things That Could Lead To Damp in Your Home

“Damp” is a miserable word, isn’t it? It evokes the same ‘ugh’ feeling as ‘grey’, ‘doom’ and ‘moist’ and actual damp in your home can cause similar negative feelings. Unfortunately, most home-owners will encounter damp at some point in their house owning careers but what causes this pest, which can lead to respiratory issues and

May 19, 2016 Danny Bray
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